Annex Tesoro NOW

We NEED to Annex Tesoro del Valle NOW Before it is too Late!.

Dennis and I live in Tesoro, we are your neighbors! As proud members of the City of Santa Clarita formation committee, 27 years ago & as a Parks & Recreation Commissioner (Linda) & City Councilman (Dennis) for the newly formed City of Santa Clarita,  WE highly recommend joining the City of Santa Clarita.


The disadvantages NONE...  Taxes will go DOWN- We will still be VALENCIA, but also Santa Clarita.  Just like Saugus is Saugus but ALSO is in the City of Santa Clarita.  Our HOA will still be our HOA, they will still maintain our common area through our HOA fees.


City services come on a resident first basis & we are NOT residents until the city annexes us.  Front of the line for Parks & Recreation services:  Parks classes, sports & activities now fill by a first-come for City residents & the left overs are for us, outsiders.  As residents we will be on the INSIDE for dance classes, swimming lessons, sports teams etc.


Increased policing services:  The Los Angeles County Sheriff is currently our policing agency.  The city of Santa Clarita also has chosen the LA County Sheriff... BUT within the city limits they are stronger, more Sheriffs & their services, per person than outside the city.


A  governing board that lives here:  Supervisor Antonovitch is not a resident & has over 2 MILLION constituents & is 27 miles away!  The City Council meetings are at NIGHT twice a month within 5 miles of our homes... NOT during the day, 27 miles away!


Our tax dollars spent here: We produce more tax dollars here than are spent here - therefore the extra goes to fund areas far away.

Local Control, Tax Dollars Spent Locally, More Services, LESS taxes!

The majority of residents in Tesoro either believe that we are already in the City of Santa Clarita or would like to be.  (A vote taken in 2010 was overwhelmingly in favor of annexation).  The developers of the area above the existing community want to wait until the entire area can be annexed before they will accept being annexed.  That may be 20 years from now.  We want to be annexed today.


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