Annex Tesoro NOW

1. Write a Letter or an Email to the County of Los Angeles and the City of Santa Clarita. See the CONTACT page for addresses and suggestions as to what to write.


2. Write a Letter to the Editor of the Signal:


3. Attend a city council Meeting; the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the Month at City Hall.  Fill out a form and speak to the council asking them to please ANNEX us.  


4. Attend an HOA Board Meeting (remember three members on the board BELONG to Montolvo - the master builder and land owner of the unbuilt area... only two are your elected board members) .   Tell the board we do not want to wait.  There is NO reason to wait for the undeveloped area to be built out BEFORE we ANNEX.  We can ANNEX the developed area now and the new homeowners can decide if they want to be annexed later.


5. Keep an eye on upcoming Subdivision Committee agendas.  The Subdivision Committee is an interdepartmental group that would review the revised Tract Map before it goes before the Regional Planning Committee.  So if Montolvo makes a move, it is likely you will see the project on an upcoming agenda.  Tesoro del Valle  Tract #  51644    Here is a link: