Annex Tesoro NOW

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Water? Streets? Traffic? School? (Tesoro Elementary is close to capacity now)? Safety? 750 more homes in an area that was approved for 232.  We need more information and more control.


As it stands now (because we are NOT in the city of Santa Clarita) the county of Los Angeles is the governmental body that will ultimately decide IF the builder will be able to raise the number of homes previously approved from just over 232 to 750. The county of Los Angeles is just too big to narrow in on our issues.  We need to investigate the 750 homes plan.


There are many reasons to annex into the city of Santa Clarita, Too many homes is just one. They are the same reasons we created a city 27 years ago in the unincorporated area we now know as the City of Santa Clarita. PLANNING, safety, infrastructure, local control and tax money; collected here to be spent here.


Over three years ago the held a County “preference” vote and we voted to ANNEX as soon as possible. We need that annexation to happen NOW.


We need to annex before Tesoro Elementary is so crowded that the residents near the bottom of the hill have to send their children elsewhere to school. The school now serves 604 students and we have 900+ homes. IF we add an additional 750 (tough I understand that some of these homes are for 55+ and will not house children) homes the school might not be able to accommodate the new students (simple math if increase the homes the students will increase; elementary schools should not have a population of over 750), but alas those students from the “new” homes will fill into Tesoro Elementary and the overflow will have to go elsewhere.

There is more to investigate here but ANNEXATION is not one of them 

Please join me in working to annex Tesoro ASAP.


Linda Storli